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A vacuum cleaner is only as good as its nozzle!

Technical brushes – versatile, individual, perfect fit!

Always Up to Date

In the development center at Wessel∙Werk, our engineers and technicians integrate new processes, technologies and current insights into our product development processes. Internal and interdisciplinary exchanges across all levels of development allow for the continuous flow of information, thus ensuring that all components are optimally synchronized.


Not only air technical data such as partial vacuums and volume flow but all important mechanical data on the vacuum cleaner nozzles are gathered on the dynamometer. It supplies the most important performance indicators for the use of nozzles on different floor surfaces.


Moldflow system based analyses accompanying the development process ensure that tools will provide optimal results even before they are constructed. The entire plastics injection process is simulated realistically. Weak spots are ascertained at this early stage and thus prevent later corrections that can cost time and money.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Professional state of the art software tools on the most modern hardware efficiently support the development process.

Computed Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Flow analyses in computer aided simulations on 3D CAD models support empirical measurement evaluations to secure optimal nozzle geometry design.

Suction Laboratory

The suction laboratory meets the equipment requirements of independent testing facilities. Here performance and use values such as dust pickup and movement resistance are evaluated according to all international standards and practice.

Noise Laboratory

The data analyzed in the noise laboratory provides precise insights into the loudness of a suction system. By using the most modern acoustics technology, requirement-specific noise analyses can be carried out to secure an acoustics design that is unique to the product itself.