The right solution for each requirement!

A vacuum cleaner is only as good as its nozzle!

Technical brushes – versatile, individual, perfect fit!

The right solution
for each requirement!

Founded in 1931, today the Wessel∙Werk GmbH is the world's leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaner nozzles and vacuum cleaner accessories.
High quality materials, innovative technology and attractive design coupled with the proverbial WESSEL QUALITY create the uniqueness of the Wessel products. Through consistent product development and the use of the latest technologies, we are continuously expanding our market leadership. Permanent innovation is the engine driving our success.

We are a comprehensive system supplier and offer customized technology and product solutions for industrial customers and end consumer. With production facilities in Germany and China as well as a worldwide distribution network, we offer direct on-site service. By matching individual needs with the highest quality and precision in the application, we treat our customers on equal terms, making them part of our "Better Perfloormance". In order to further extend our leadership in innovation, we are constantly busy analyzing our markets, detecting trends and creating and developing new solutions.

At the beginning when Wessel∙Werk GmbH was founded, we not only offered vacuum cleaner nozzles and accessories, but also brush strips and industrial brushes for each request in order to provide everyone with the best possible solution by matching all individual needs with the highest quality and precision for each and every customer, and in affect the final end consumer.

Time is money – our polished logistics concept ensures that Wessel∙Werk products are in the right place at the right time.

In addition, we develop commercial packages for our customers that allow the products to be delivered ready for the end-customer.

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